Buried-bumper syndrome? Complete flexibility!

Inspired by nature, extremly versatile and effective: The novel Flamingo-kit – a system to meet the therapeutic challenges of the buried-bumper syndrome.

A simple yet precise excision of the PEG´s retaining plate, thanks to the unique cutting wire design, which allows multidimensional cutting.

Product code Order number Characteristics Cutting length Length Accepted Guide Wire Unit
POL3-P1-40-30-30 502490 Flamingo Set consisting of:
Flamingo for 15Fr-PEG probe (2 Lumen, CWT,
rotatable, OL power connection),

Forceps for foreign body removal and a guide wire
6/10 mm 30 cm .035“ 1

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Interesting facts

The birds with their characteristic plumage and graceful allure are indigenous to Africa, southwest Asia as well as south, central and north America. In recent decades, flamingos have also been observed in the Netherlands and the north of France.

Alkaline or salty lakes with water often containing large quantities of fluorides, sulphates, chlorides or salts, are the ideal habitat for flamingos. They even drink the water and live off the organisms present there. Only few vertebrates can cope with these types of conditions.

And even if scientists differentiate between up to six different species, all flamingos have one thing in common: their colourful plumage, a highly specialised beak and an extremely flexible neck with 17 cervical vertebrae. A characteristic which makes this interesting bird the perfect eponym for our Flamingo.

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