All in perfect flux

Inspired by the music, tuned to the finest detail: the new Kena series allows simple and precise placement of the prosthesis as a result of the perfect interplay between bending strength and flexibility.

Even multi-stenting with different prosthetic diameters (8.5 and 10 Fr) is extremely efficient with the One-for-All placement system.

Interesting facts

The kena is a South American wooden wind instrument which is usually made from bamboo cane and is particularly widespread throughout Peru and Bolivia. 

It is said, it was the flute of the Incas. What makes the kena so successful, is its versatility:

No other wind instrument offers a similarly broad range of chromatics, dynamics, pitch range or timbre modulation.

We do admit that our new prostheses may not sound as attractive as a kena, but in terms of sophistication and efficiency they are on equal terms. 

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