Continuity in use!

Of course it cannot handle two kilos of eucalyptus, but it can manage countless polyps cleanly and safely. The two removable filter trays of the koala polyp trap facilitate easy removal of

tissue specimens and therefore protect against contamination with biomaterial. The suction function is limitless throughout the procedure.

Product code Order code Characteristics Unit
TRP1-S2 502499 2 filter chambers 25

Interesting facts

The koala is an arboreal, marsupial native to Australia. Which does not necessarily make it the godfather of our polyp traps. 

What however, impressed us in terms of the name, was the fact that koalas, more than most other living beings, look after their offspring for years on earth and are regarded as being highly mindful.

Just like our polyp trap – except that this is fitted with two filter chambers instead of a pouch.

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