Impressive precision in extreme positions!

Follows every curve: the flexible Manta injection needle even finds its way through highly convoluted regions of the body and yet retains its extreme precision.

Maximum kink-resistance,  single handed operation and the unique needle design make the injection of fluids easier.

Product code Order number Characteristics Needle ø | Length Length Working channel ø Unit
INJ1-A3-05-5-18-240 502488 Latching mechanism, distal needle guide, suitable for Histoacryl 0,5 mm | 5 mm 240 cm 2,0 mm 5
INJ1-A3-07-5-18-240 502487 Latching mechanism, distal needle guide, suitable for Histoacryl 0,7 mm | 5 mm 240 cm 2,0 mm 5

Interesting facts

Manta rays are found near the coasts of tropical and subtropical oceans at depths up to 150 metres. These large rays are the stars of the reefs there.

Although little research had been done on this species until recently, we now know that manta rays are an extremely social breed of comparably high intelligence. For example, their brains are considerably larger than those of sharks and this allows complex movement and a diversity of

They glide over the riffs totally relaxed, confident and self-assured. In their search for plankton they are quick as lightning combined with technical excellence despite their size – dead on target, even under extreme conditions. The same as our new high performance needle.

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