High volume!

There is no escape: the new Octopus retrieval net takes on polyps and foreign bodies. And ensures their reliable removal.

Versatility in use, it can be used for several foreign bodies – due to its reservoir function. Direct rotatability and a high degree of flexibility facilitate the process.

Product code

Order number Characteristics Volume net Length Working channel ø Unit
FOR1-N1-30-220 502479 Oval 6 cm³  220 cm 2,8 mm 5
FOR1-N1-40-220*2 502480 Reservoir function 8 cm³  220 cm 2,8 mm 5
FOR1-N2-30-220 502481 Kite 6 cm³  220 cm 2,8 mm 5
FOR1-N3-30-220*1 502482 Kite, rotatable 6 cm³  220 cm 2,8 mm 5

Interesting facts

From coral reefs to algal beds, mud and sand – the most intelligent mollusc can be found in all oceans and a variety of habitats. Not only is it flexible in terms of its habitat, but its structure allows it to squeeze through openings no larger than its eye.

Octopuses have an extremely highly developed nervous system which allows them to move their tentacles independent from the brain. In a way this closely resembles the arms of vertebrates – many octopuses even have a specific arm they tend to use more often (similar to humans).

The clever mollusc holds its prey firmly with its suction pads and passes it into its open mouth leaving no room for escape. The octopus acts with confidence, extreme flexibility and extraordinary precision – the same as our foreign body retrieval nets.

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