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No matter how large the rock may be, the Rockstar is fearless: with the new stone remover for lithotripsy you are fully prepared for retrieving gall stones.

The guide wire lumen lets you reach the location of the stone reliably and the innovative operating concept allows intuitive breaking up of concrements if required.

Product code Order number Characteristics ø Basket Length Accepted Guide Wire Unit
BAS3-K2-35-35-200 502486 twist´n´CATCH, integrated lithotripsy function,
suitable for guide wire
35mm 200cm .035″ 2

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Interesting facts

To set things straight from the beginning, when we speak of “rockstars” we did not have people like Bruce Springsteen or Alanis Morissette in mind:

When we speak of “rocks” at medwork, we mean a stone or a rockwall – and maybe you did, too. 

And so the story begins: until well into the 20s of the last century, mountaineering tended to be a rather intuitive sport. 

But eventually, the climbers noticed that the remaining sheer rockwalls were insurmountable without sophisticated aids. As a result, new tools were developed regularly to conquer the rockwalls.

To let you conquer “rockwalls”, for example in endoscopic lithotripsy, we also develop special tools and accessories, 

for example, the “Rockstar“. 

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