The reliable companion for any endoscopy

The new medwork Shepherd products effectively prevent damage to the distal end of your flexible endoscopes.

With their soft foam material, your endoscope is protected at all times – during transport or storage.

Product code Order number Characteristics ø Outer ø Inner Length Unit
SHP1-U1 502512 Distal protection for flexible endoscopes, non-sterile, assorted colors blue, red, green, white 37mm 4 – 10mm 14cm 50

Interesting facts

It is robust and smart, it guards and protects – and does so around the clock. The Australian shepherd dog.

Better known as “Shepherd”, it is famous for being faithful and reliable.

Our shepherds are not yet famous, but they will protect your endoscope faithfully and reliably, and even cleverly with its four colours.

Give them a try!

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